Slovak Folk Art Display

Each month the Vaughn Public Library in Ashland offers the opportunity for individuals or organizations to exhibit items of interest in their centrally-located show case on the main floor.  Since November 1st, the Moquah Heritage Society has displayed a very colorful and informative collection of Slovak Folk Art.  Slovak crystal, Modra vases, handcrafted textiles and wooden crafts are just a few of the many items on exhibit over the last two months.  The librarians have commented on the favorable reception and positive comments received about the exhibit. They exclaim that patrons “keep coming back to look at the display and remark on the beautiful artwork.”  The Heritage Society plans to remove the exhibit in early January. We hope the display has helped educate local residents about our society and about Slovakia.

Oral History Project

We are in the process of recording oral histories of our older residents, acquiring photographs of the pioneer era and researching family histories as best we can to preserve a video record that will depict the settlement and development of the Moquah, Wisconsin area. If you have suggestions or information you wish to contribute, please contact us. Nothing is too small or insignificant.

Copying and Archiving of Photographs

One of our major areas of interest has always been the acquisition of old photographs and documents from the settlement era and after in an effort to document the visual history of our area. Major areas of interest have been all the old barns that were built, the school house, homesteads, weddings and community gatherings.

Index to the Ethnic Voice

The link below is a text document in PDF format that is a comprehensive index of articles that have appeared in the Ethnic Voice, the newsletter of the Moquah Heritage Society. The Ethnic Voice has been published quarterly since 1989 and contains articles and pictures that detail the history and culture of the early settlers up to more recent times.

EV Index thru 2019